Hello World! We’re Shire Digital Solutions. You Might Not Need Us.

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Hello World! As the title says, we’re Shire Digital Solutions and you might not need us. I’ll explain what I mean, but first, a little background. I’m Nicholas Fuller. I’ve been programming for over 10 years having gotten my start learning to make video games. Since 2012 I shifted my focus to website and business […]

Building Your Brand: The Importance of Color

A print designer's Pantone color swatch book, fanned out on a blue counter top. Photo by Kaboompics.com from Pexels.com

Building a Brand Starting a business in most states in the US is easy — fill out some paperwork, pay a processing fee, and boom, you’re a business owner. But what about starting a brand? Sooner or later, some of these choices will concern branding. That is, the way in which your business is presented […]