Professional Marketing for Therapists

We offer SEO for therapists as well as Google Ads. Let us fill your practice for you.

You’re looking for some help with marketing your private practice. You may have done a few things on your own and gained a couple clients, or may you have no clients at all yet.

Whatever state your practice is in today, we can help you fill it.

We’ve made our marketing services incredibly easy – you just fill out a simple questionnaire with some information about your practice and your ideal clients and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll keep you informed as to our work and progress, but you’ll know it’s working as you’ll be receiving more contacts than before.

Marketing your private practice is an investment. 

Think of it like this: The average client goes to therapy for at least 15 to 20 sessions – sometimes 30 or more!

Let’s pick an easy, round number and say you make $100/session. If your client has 15 sessions, that’s $1500! 

If you paid even $200 to reach that client, you’ve still made $1300!

Google Search Ads

If you’re looking to fill your practice fast, this is a great way to do it. With Google Search Ads, you’re at the top of the search results – the first options your potential clients will see when they’re searching for therapy in your area. You’ll also get clear information on your clicks and contacts that come from ads. 

This is for you if:

An example of a Google Search Ad.
A Google Search Ad.
An example of a chart from Google Ads, showing Clicks and Impressions.
Track your Ads' Clicks and Impressions over time.

One of the great things about this option is that it is easy to scale your budget up or down as needed. Oftentimes our clients are able to fill their practice within a handful of months with our recommended budget. Once full, they can reduce their ad delivery budget to something that keeps them full. If you ever need to draw more clients, such as after an extended leave, you can increase your budget again.

Google has recognized us as Google Ads certified professionals, qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google Ads.

We'll manage your Google Ads for a total monthly budget of $579!

We’ll set up, manage, and contiually optimize your google ads campaign roughly half of that will use as an add delivery budget. You’ll be able to see impressions, clicks, and conversions so you can always calculate your ROI.

(iTherapy Providers: Ask about discounts!)


Shire Digital Solutions

Google Ads All Inclusive

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) seeks to improve your organic results. SEO is a great marketing strategy because it has compounding benefits – the more time you spend improving your SEO, the more your rankings continue to improve!

This is for you if:

An example of the SEO dashboard.
The SEO Dashboard

We focus on local SEO because it’s easier to get results (which means cheaper/faster for you) and it hones in better on your ideal clients – it’s much easier to rank for a term like “Therapist near me” or “Therapist in Atlanta” than it is for “Therapist for Anxiety.”

Improve your organic search rankings for as little as $579/mo!

We offer three packages from $579/mo (great for a solo practice in an unsaturated market) to $799/mo (recommended for group practices and highly competitive markets).

The work is fundamentally the same with each package – we are able to do more of it and target more keywords with bigger packages. 

(iTherapy Providers: Ask about discounts!)

Shire Digital Solutions

Let's Grow - SEO Package

Shire Digital Solutions

Blow it Up - SEO Package


Didn’t see exactly what you’re hoping for? I might still be able to help you via a coaching call! I’m more than happy to talk and determine if I may be able to help you through a coaching call.

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