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We work with therapists to create stunning websites that resonate with their clients.

If you’re starting or growing a private practice, the web can be a confusing place.You need a website, right?But why?What does your website need to do?There are so many questions, and like so many other parts of starting your own business, you didn’t go over any of this in school!

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I’m Nick Fuller.
I started Shire Digital Solutions in 2016 and I’ve been working closely with therapists ever since. I believe the work therapists do is a powerful force for positive growth in the world. I know firsthand the impact it can make.These days I don’t work alone – I have a lot of help. The team at Shire Digital Solutions is comprised of a uniquely talented and experienced team of designers, programmers, project managers, business professionals, and trainers all ready to help you – just as we’ve helped many others.

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We’d love to work with you to create an amazing site.
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We can build your website for you either with WordPress or with SquareSpace.Either way, the process works like this:First, you send us a message saying you’d like a website. Awesome!We schedule a phone call to make sure we’re on the same page and ready to work together. We also collect your credit card info at this time.Then we send you a few questionnaires. These questionnaires cover some basics, some design elements, and help us hone in on your ideal client so we can write compelling text content with you.Once you’re done with the questionnaires, we get to work!We’ll schedule a call with you to go over the design questionnaire and establish the color palette for your site – we’ll want to make sure the colors convey the mood and feeling you want your ideal clients to feel. Once we have that, we can start putting the basics of your site together.As that’s happening, we’ll write the text content for your site. (Yes, really.) We’ll take your questionnaire responses and craft text that will resonate with your ideal client.After we finalize the text content, we bring it all together by combining that with the visual design of your site.Finally, we’ll train you on maintaining your site – we can show you how to see the traffic on your site as well as how to write a blog post and any other little update you’d like to be able to do.And that’s it!When those steps are complete, we’ll launch your beautiful site to the world. Tell your friends and family – you’re looking stunning online!

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Starting at $2499 + $99/mo.If you have a specific vision, or simply want the best of the best, this is the way to go. Whatever your dreams are for your site, we can make it happen AND we’ll maintain it for you.This is for you if:You want all the bells and whistles and/or have a unique vision you want to see executed.You’re ready to invest into a top-notch online presence. (Initial price can be broken into monthly payments.You’d like someone to manage your site and updates for you. We’ll monitor your site and provide unlimited content updates including publishing blog posts you write.

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Starting at only 4 monthly payments of $395 + $144/yr to SquareSpace.You want a beautiful site that’s simple to edit and maintain yourself.This is for you if: You want a beautiful, standard website for your practice that comes with a reduced price tag.You’re either not planning on making updates after the site is launched, or feel confident you can manage them yourself with a little training.You’re ready to invest into your stunning website. You’re looking forward to completing our questionnaires and seeing the final product.

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We train you to build your own website. That may sound complicated, but it can be less complicated than you think.The process goes like this: We break up our training into 5 different 1 hour sessions. Each session, you’ll meet with us over a video chat platform that allows you to show us your screen and we’ll walk you through part of building your website – first picking the overall theme, then creating pages, etc. After each session, we’ll assign you some homework to complete before the next session. By the time you’ve completed the last bit of homework, you’ll have built your own site!

SquareSpace Training

One time fee of $495 + $144 annually to SquareSpace for hosting and domainLearn to create your own beautiful, easy-to-maintain website. This is for you if: You’re a computer savvy person. The thought of building your own site seems exciting. You like having full control of the process and the way you’re presented professionally.You’d rather save some money and do it yourself, but you could still use some professional guidance.

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Whichever package you choose, you’ll also receive these important, additional features:

4 to 5 Pages Standard
We suggest starting with a Home page, an About page, a Contact page, and a Blog. In some cases, we suggest an additional page to showcase your team members.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our sites are built and optimized so potential clients can find you through their web searches.

Stock Images
You may choose unlimited stock images from our collection to include in your website.

Mobile Friendly
Our websites are designed to be viewed on any devices large and small so your clients and potential clients have an enjoyable experience no matter where they are.

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