We work with therapists to make their practice thrive with stunning websites that resonate with their ideal clients and effective marketing that generates leads.

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If you’re starting or growing a private practice, the web can be a confusing place.
You need a website, right?
But what does your website need to do?
And how are you supposed to market effectively?

There’s so many questions! You learned so much in school about how to help people, but there was so little about how to run the business of your practice!

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

I’m Nick Fuller.


I started Shire Digital Solutions in 2016 and I’ve been working closely with mental health professionals ever since. I believe the work therapists do is a powerful force for positive growth in the world. I know firsthand the impact it can make.

My team and I have the expertise and experience it takes to turn a fledgling private practice into a thriving small business.

We offer website packages to fit every budget.

We also offer some marketing packages. Contact us for more info!

(With Help)

Building your own website may feel a bit daunting. But let me ask you this:
Can you send an email? Are you fairly computer savvy? Comfortable with Facebook?

If yes, we can teach you to build your own website.

We’ve developed a course and template to make setting up your own website a breeze. We show you how to do it using SquareSpace’s fantastic website building tools. They make setup and maintenance a breeze.

In the course, you have an “over the shoulder” view as I (Nick) create a mock website for a fictional private practice. I’ll explain how to do everything I do on a technical level, as well as every design decision he makes. (Like why it’s important to include pictures of yourself!)

Better yet, the course also includes a template! We’ll give you a copy of the website I created throughout the course so you won’t be started from a blank page. From there, you just replace my text and pictures with your own and Voila! You’ll have your own website done in no time!

This is for you if:

Still not sure if you’d like to DIY or have us create your site for you? Start with the course. If you decide later that you’d prefer to have us build your site for you, we’ll apply 100% of your course payments to our done-for-you service!

Just six monthly payments of $95
OR a one time payment of $497!

(Plus $144 annually to SquareSpace for hosting and domain.)

An incredibly affordable option for a beautiful, functional website. With our option to apply 100% of the cost towards our done-for-you standard website package, you have nothing to lose!

Done-For-You Services

If you’re thinking you’d rather have us create your site for you, we’re here to help! We can create a beautiful and effective website for you that’s surprisingly affordable.

With both done-for-you packages, the process is simple:

From there, things vary a bit depending on the package you select, but here are the main points…

And that’s it! When those steps are complete, we’ll launch your beautiful site to the world. Tell your friends and family — you’re looking stunning online!

Whichever done-for-you package you choose, you’ll receive these important, additional features:

A hand writing in a notebook with a laptop computer on a desk in the background

4 to 5 Pages Standard

We suggest starting with Home, About, Contact, and Blog pages. In some cases, we suggest an additional page to showcase your team members.

A tablet computer on a wood desk with a coffee cup and cell phone in the background

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our sites are built and optimized so potential clients can find you through their web searches.

Stock Images

You may choose unlimited stock images from our collection to include in your website.

Mobile Friendly

Our websites are designed to be viewed on any devices large and small so your clients and potential clients have an enjoyable experience no matter where they are.

Standard Website

You want a great website that looks good on desktop and mobile. You don’t mind writing the text for your site yourself (with a little guidance), but you know you want someone else to put it all together and make it look great. You also know you’re creating a business to last and you’re happy to hear about long term savings.

This is for you if:

Recent work:

We build our standard websites using SquareSpace, a proven platform that’s effortless to maintain. SquareSpace sites are beautiful, responsive (meaning they adjust to screen size like big desktop monitors and smaller phone screens), they’re built to last, and they’re incredibly economical to maintain – as little as $144 for a year!

All this for just four monthly payments of $395!

Other guys charge as much as $119 every. Single. MONTH! And those charges go on forever! With our SquareSpace sites, you pay up front for our work, but the on-going fees are only $216 each YEAR. You’ll save almost $4,500 in 5 years!

Shire Digital Solutions

SquareSpace Done For You Service

Premium Website

You’re happy to pay a little more to have a completely custom, premium website built for you by professionals. You have time to do a questionnaire about your practice and your ideal clients, but are looking forward to handing it off to our expert team to finish things from there. You want a stunning website that also provides the best base for SEO AND you never want to worry about maintenance.

This is for you if:

Recent work:

We handle everything for you with this package. The content writing, the layout, the maintenance in the future; we take care of it for you, creating your stunning, completely custom website that lays the best possible foundation for SEO and growth. All you have to do is tell us about your practice and ideal clients – we do the rest.

Let us build you the site you’ve always dreamed of: $2499 + $99/mo

For such a gorgeous, custom web-site, you might expect to pay as much as 5 figures to a fancy Brooklyn design studio – but not with us. Our initial price is a fraction of what those expensive design studios cost and our on-going fees are covered by a session or two each month. Isn’t it time to have the website you’ve dreamed of?

Shire Digital Solutions

WordPress Done For You Service

Ready to get started? Send us a message! We can’t wait to work with you.